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Freaking Out!

Ok so I am panicking right now!  When I got our bridesmaids dresses they didn't have a dark enough navy so I decided to go with Estate Blue and didn't think twice about it at the time because I love them so much.  Now I am freaking out and worried I made a bad decision!  My flower girl dresses are darker than the BM dresses and I am worried it will look like crap. There is not really anything I can do at this point but I am just worried I messed up.  Is it totally bad that I will have different shades of blue?  Will my pictures look like s**t?


Here is my flower girl dresses (stock photo) Navy


BM Dresses in Estate Blue (modeled by my BFF while we were shoe shopping lol)



I guess I am just worried about how much brighter it is.... Ugh please help me calm down!  I am on the verge of tears!  




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Re: Freaking Out!

  • No not at all. Your flower girl dress doesnt have to be the same shade as your bridemaids dresses. A slighty different shade will just compliment the other dresses! Not too worry it'll look beautiful together;)

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  • No need to freak out!  It will not look bad!  I love a little natural variation on a tone anyway so if anything, it'll inject a little organic feel which I think gives a wedding its unique feel.  No worries!  The 2 dresses look great in the photos, and this way, everyone looks unique without being overly matchy/
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