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Stress is setting in..... ARG! VENTING! (long sry)

Ok so stress of a lot of things are starting to set in! Colin and I are paying for everything ourselves... I really wish that I could elope like we wanted to! Now we are paying for a lot more crap then I originally wanted to pay for.  I wanted a simple and elegant wedding! Well now it's turned into worrying about how many people want to come down, where they are going to stay, what to pay for/not pay for, OOT bags, Bridal shower, AHR, decorations, time lines, planning... it feels like the list goes on and on and on!! I am going to have a HUGE meltdown here soon! I need to have everything done before school starts up at the end of Aug.  I am in my nursing clinicals plus trying to work full time and I have ABSOLUTLY no time to myself once school starts! No one understands and no one is listening to my concerns  and it's starting to really irritate me! My small and intimate wedding has turned into 3 people standing on each side, atleast 40 people coming to FL! I am so irritated and do not know what to do!!! AHHHH!Sorry I needed to vent! I feel a little better!! Lets hope this next year goes by fast becuase if we were eloping I'd already be married!!!! Why do people have to but into what I WANT! IT'S MY WEDDING!!!!  I look at all you other girls planning bios ect and I think that my wedding is so simple compared to yours and now I'm worried that my wedding is going to look like crap becuase I don't have the time or money to put into this! MAN I wish I would of eloped but being an only child I would've never heard the end of it!!!  ARG! I'm getting so stressed and not sure how to I am going to handle it!

Re: Stress is setting in..... ARG! VENTING! (long sry)

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    We took our wedding back too.  We started getting organized and things planned, but family kept butting in even though we were paying for it.  Well....enough is enough and we decided to make the day about us and just go to the courthouse.  That's what we wanted to do in the first place.  I know that most of the family will understand and be happy for us.  One more week until we elope and I'm really excited. 
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