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No veil, no flower - other options?

I don't want to have a veil because they seem a little too froo froo and girly for my taste.  I am also not a fan of flowers in my hair.  I'm thinking I might go with a sparkly comb or some pretty hair jewelry.  Aside from etsy, where should I look?  This tomboy is clueless about all this girly stuff.  lol  TIA!

Re: No veil, no flower - other options?

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    Thanks for the ideas so far.  I know I definitely don't want a veil.  I am (and have always been) anti-froo-froo and have absolutely no desire to wear one.  I know a lot of others like them, but I don't.  I did find the comb with the cascading rhinestones/beads, and I bookmarked it.  I also fell in love with the idea of a hair vine but dang.... they're kind of expensive.  I wonder if I can DIY one.  Hmmm.....
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