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NWR: food steamer

We got an Oster food steamer at our shower and I am considering using it to make dinner tonight... do any of you ladies have a food steamer?  What do you make in it?  We dont eat seafood, so I was thinking of throwing some seasonings on chicken and steaming  it, but I am afraid it will be kind of bland.  Any good ideas out there?  TIA!

Re: NWR: food steamer

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    I don't really have any recipes for you, but I steam veggies (they're so crisp when you steam them) and I steam chicken and fish. I've never put seasonings on prior to steaming as I thought the steam would make it fall off, lol. usually I put sauces on after cooking.
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    We cook proteins in our food steamer all the time.  I usually do chicken with lemon pepper seasoning and vegetables and rice.  Richard Simmons has an entire cook book of recipies for food steamers that are really good.  You can do noodles and chicken.  I usually heat up a red sauce when I do that and throw cheese on top for an unbreaded chicken parmesean dish. Sweet potatoes also come out really good in a food steamer.  Apples come out good too.  Add apples and put a little cinnamon on top for a sweet treat. 
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