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Dress alterations

So I'm thinking about trying to alter the neckline of my dress into more of a sweetheart neckline. But if you will recall (PIB) my dress has a lace overlay and the lace comes up over the neckline. Do you think it would be difficult for the seamstress to do this because of the lace? It worries me because we don't have many seamstresses to choose from here, and I don't want my dress to get botched. Easy? Difficult? No idea and I should ask on another board? Thanks girls.

Re: Dress alterations

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    Here is when watching countless hours of "Say Yes to the Dress" comes in handy.I do think it will be really difficult. I think you can make the fabric under the lace made into a swetheart without any problems, but if you try to make the lace a sweetheart you will loose the pretty scalloping around the edges. If you don't mind cutting the scalloping then I think it will be fine.If you wanna just alter the layer underneath and leave the lace like it is I also think it will be easy.Now, your dress does have a semi seetheart shape because if the scalloping, it doesn't look completely straight to me. And I love it the way it is, it is gorgeous on you.
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    I'm kind of thinking the same could be done but I think you would have to lose all that scalloping with the lace.  Its such a gorgeous dress on you-I love it the way it is! :)
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    I agree with the pp, I think it could be done, but you'll probably lose the lace edging.
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    Hi Alison. I actually have worked on wedding gowns. The seamtress would have to remove the overlaying lace, re-work the neckline on the gown itslef (not really hard to do as a stand along alteration), and then re-piece the scalloped lace together. While it is not impossible, it may be hard if they do not have enough to piece together properly along the edging. Without seeing a really close, close-up, it would be hard for me to tell, but it look like the scalloped lace is pretty well integrated.
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