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Okay this going to sound like the most stupid question ever but I am just starting to look at destination weddings at a option and am noticing that some of the locations that I like have like a 60 or 40 day residency requirement. Does that really mean that you have to live there for that long before hand? Any information would be great! Thanks so much.

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    Thet is definitely not a stupid question and Yes, that is exactly what it means. But you don't have to actually live there that long to get "married" there.What most of us is doing to to go to the JOP or the court and get legally married in the US (it can be before or after the destination ceremony, it doesn't matter). Then we have a symbolic ceremony in our destination, it is just like a regular wedding, minus the legal aspect, you even sign a symbolic wedding certificate, so your guest don't find it strage if you choose not to tell anyone.In my case we are not telling anybody that we got "married" in the states and the day won't have any significance. It is just a day we go to the court and sign a paper for tax purposes. Our wedding day is the day I put on my pretty dress, walk down the aisle, say my vows to the man I love and say "I do".
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    I agree with Normailed. :)
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