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Care to help an old married?

Hi ladies!  I hope all the planning is going smoothly.  I was wondering what your suggestions are for paper for cheap.  I'm looking for something a bit thicker than copy paper but it doesn't have to be super thick if you know what I mean.  I hired someone to do my DIY projects (yes I'm that lazy) so I never had to worry about any of that, but I'm going to need a huge amount and don't want to spend a fortune.  Any ideas?

Re: Care to help an old married?

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    I use HP 32lb paper for some of my home business projects.  It's think like copy paper, but you can't see through it if you were to put something underneath it.  I think they call it Brochure Paper, but it's matte finish.  Office Max carries it.  I think it's about $14.99 for 150 sheets, so 10 cents a page.  Not bad.
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    hi tammy :) do you have a michaels by you or a hobby lobby? any kind of craft store or target ... but check out the scrapbook aisle. You should be able to get 50-100 sheets of acid free cardstock for under 10.  At michaels looke above or under the single sheets of cardstock shelving units for the prepackaged colored sheets. At targe they have some colors for as little as $3.00 for 100 sheets. I'm kinda a paper wh0re for scrapbooking. Also, If you have a biglots, they have cardstock paper packs for $1 for 50 sheets.

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    Thank you all very much for your help.  I am needing it for my business and when I googled it there were way too many choices.  I figured all you lovelies would have opinions to help me narrow it down.  :)  Have a great weekend everyone!
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