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New accessory and WTF TORNADO

I've gained the Next to Leave Crown!! I leave early Saturday morning. As in hopefully, because a freaking TORNADO RIPPED THROUGH THE AIRPORT FRIDAY NIGHT AND IT WAS CLOSED INDEFINITELY. Windows in the main terminal were blown out, the roof partially collapsed, and there was tons of debris everywhere.

I found this out Saturday morning, as I was heading out of town for my nephew's baptism. The airport closed, all flights were cancelled until further notice, and I had a freak out. FI kept trying to reassure me, like saying we'd drive to Dallas on Friday if we had to (which is where our connecting flight to Puerto Vallarta is).

However, it looks like total disaster has been averted, as they have cleaned the inside of the airport up a bunch, boarded the windows, and are now using old terminals that haven't been used to resume most of the flights. It's supposed to be 85% back by the end of today.

And oh yeah, I'm supposed to fly to Minneapolis this afternoon for my last few days of work before I leave. That flight hasn't been cancelled yet, but it's also not 'On Time' (in the list of departures most say either Cancelled or On Time, but some have no status--like mine). Also, there are supposed to be MORE thunderstorms with hail and strong winds possible this afternoon/evening. So even if they don't cancel it because of the tornado from Friday night, it might just be cancelled from a strong storm tonight anyway. Or massively delayed, which is a giant pain.

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Re: New accessory and WTF TORNADO

  • 1.  the crown looks marvelous, darling.

    2.  dont stress yet.  this is just a little speed bump.   youre gonna make it, and i will be beautiful!   positive thoughts!!!
  • We'll send you lots of knottie vibes that your airport is back to normal! Everything will work out either way though, so just get through this last week because I'm sure you have enough going on without worrying about that :0)
  • Wow! That would completely freak me out! We have horrible luck with traveling, delays and cancellations as it is. I swear that would totally be our luck.

    Hopefully you can go on your way safely and soundly :)
  • So I don't understand why I can never the see the crown for the past few people now.  It's just a red block to me.  Someone help me out here because I hate not seeing it for people!! 

    I hate the weather.

  • In Response to <a href=" Theme BoardsForum:54Discussion:10325622-4803-4626-ac84-02f19cf0f756Post:6c21c6e8-1d3e-4e31-bcd6-d0c8d379bc21">Re: New accessory and WTF TORNADO</a>:
    [QUOTE]So I don't understand why I can never the see the crown for the past few people now.  <strong>It's just a red block to me.</strong>  Someone help me out here because I hate not seeing it for people!!  I hate the weather.
    Posted by sld0618[/QUOTE]

    Ditto. It took me a bit to realize what the red block was supposed to be. (I used to be blonde!)

    I live about 2hrs from STL and heard about the airport situation. It's really been screwing a lot of people up. *VIBES* that they get it back in order for you!
  • In Response to Re: New accessory and WTF TORNADO:

    Tons of vibes they get the airport back to 100%! Try not worry too much, it sounds like they are taking care of it and you should be good to go for your flight.

    Just focus on how exciting it is that you are almost there and married!!
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  • The crown looks stunning!

    Also, I completely forgot you were there...I saw it and was freaked out because of how we just had the tornado here last week!  I'm glad you're safe and the airport is opening back up--quicker than you anticipated!

    I can't believe how close you are!  It's so exciting!
  • Well my flight to Minneapolis today went off ok. It was delayed a little, but that was really only because the plane coming in was late. The St Louis airport is running pretty well. I had driven near the airport on Saturday when I was driving out of town, and it's been cleaned up a TON since then. All of the windows at the entrance to the airport are completely boarded up with plywood. It looks pretty ghetto, but it's better than nothing. WHEW. So glad my flight for Saturday to Mexico is still on! Thanks everyone for the vibes!
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