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Hey there! In response to your post below about if I'm going to "check" the centerpieces in my luggage... I'm not going to use these for the ceremony.  I am going to use them at both of our AHR's.  The one in California is perfect so no transportation needed for that one.  HOWEVER, the Minnesota AHR will be quite tricky!  I'm thinking that I'm going to have FI's family purchase the vases periodically when they're on sale at like Michael's or Hobby Lobby and keep them there in Minnesota.  We'll arrive in Minnesota a couple of days ahead of the AHR so I'll bring all the other supplies, like the shells, sand, candles and hot glue gun, etc. with me and make them while I'm there!  It all sounds easy enough, but I don't know how it'll turn out after all!  Keep our finger's crossed!  : )Did you happen to make any purchases thru Rue La La yet?  Just curious to keep a look out for any packages. 
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