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How are you handling bridesmaid for a destination wedding?  Are you having any?  I'm having trouble deciding what to do because most of my girlfriends aren't sure if they can make it... and they will only know for sure in a couple of months...!! Very stressful.  Right now I'm leaning to just not having any. Any suggestions?

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    I would wait until you know for sure who's coming and who's not...that way if someone can't afford it then they won't be pressured into coming just because you asked her to be a bm. Personally I'm only having my MOH. There are a lot of girls here who have none, there are some who have a whole bunch, and there are a bunch in the middle. It's really up to you.
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    We just went through that.  I picked my bridesmaids as they were mine and his sisters, and we knew they were coming.  Our booking deadline is Wed, so this week we now know who is actually coming, and FI asked his groomsmen on Sat.  This way he wasn't forcing anyone to come.
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    I have two bridesmaids. one will for sure be coming to our wedding (knock on wood) as our witnesses. The other will still be involved in all the pre-wedding activities, but cannot commit to coming. I might not do anything "bridesmaidy" for her as she's not sure she could make it (like dress, or flowers) but at least she is still involved. My FI will likely only have one best man.
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    We're not having any.  My sisters and FSIL as well as my best friend (who I was MOH for) are all coming, but it just didn't seem necessary to us to have a "bridal party" since we're prob only going to have 40 guests.  I didn't want to have to go through the hoopla of same dress, same suits, etc, etc.  But I am still planning on asking those 4 to help me get ready and serve the role of BM's just minus the whole matching/walking down the aisle thing.  If we need witnesses to stand for us, I'll ask my mom and FI will ask his dad.  GL with your decision, just do whatever feels right for the two of you and your particular situation!
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    We had a LOT of drama with our wedding party... FI and I each have two friends coming to the wedding - so they are our bridesmaids/groomsmen... then we have brothers and sisters. So our parties are pretty big (i think four on each side)... But we only have 2 people on each side that are doing the actual "job" - two guys throwing FI's bachelor party... two girls threw my bridal shower... etc. His little sister is his 'best man' and my brother is a 'bridesmaid'... its all mixed up and fits us. :-)
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