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Towels towels everywhere!! Late night west coast knottie here, I am sure some of you will be arriving to work soon, but I just cant sleep. The DF and I went to 3 different Targets today to pick up 62 beach towels. (PIB) We had so much fun even though it was crazy hot out, 121.. I did not make it to the gym with weather like this I had no motivation at all! But.... I did take pictures of all the little and big wedding things I have.. We are going to storing all things wedding in a storage until so we can have our apartment back, and I wanted to be sure I would not forget what I have. I think adding it all to the bio will be a great way to keep track! I have spent the last 4 hours getting everything in order and now I am beat! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday morning.. I am off to bed..

Re: Towels

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    Marci,   How much were the towels? If you don't mind me asking?
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    Marci, you are CRAZY.  Staying up all night!  : )  I'm off to check out your marvelous bio!  And, after talking w/ you yesterday (the last time) I did call Carnival, so I'll email you the details.  Hope you catch up on your sleep!
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    5.88 each.. My goal was to find them for less than 5 but I really like these they are 7 feet tall and very thick.
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