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Has anyone heard from...

That girl Cassy?  Her knottie name was cfirelady10, I think.  The last time she posted was a few weeks ago on the day of her e-party.  She was my friend on fb (not sure that she is anymore bc I haven't seen any updates from her lately.)  Anyway, I saw later that her party and I think her engagement was off.  I hope she's ok.  I'm not sure if anyone on here has heard from her due to the circumstances.

Re: Has anyone heard from...

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    Oh wow, I wondered what happened because we were resort twins and had sent lots of emails back and forth and were FB friends.  I noticed we werent a couple days ago and tried to add her again in case I had done it. I am glad to hear she is bouncing back though, please let her know we miss her!
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    Oh, I'm so glad to hear that!  She was such a sweet girl and I felt so terrible when I saw her status on facebook that day.  I totally understood that she didn't come around, but I was just concerned about how she was holding up.  That's great that you kept in touch with her.  I didn't really want to reach out to her bc I figured she was very overwhelmed.  Let her know I was asking about her :)
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    That's too bad =( Glad to hear she's hanging in there. Let her know we're sending **vibes** her way and we miss her
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    Cassy sends her love to all her former DW Knotties!  : )
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    Whoa, catching up late, but so sorry to hear about that.  Please send her my love Shelli.  I'm glad to hear she's hanging in there.  How horrible, but I agree, everything happens for a reason.
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