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The Bad...

The schlepping. For some reason I thought it was my job to make sure that people had rides from the airport to their respective hotels. Of course there were cabs, but they were expensive and I felt bad asking guests to pay more money, knowing they had already spent so much to get to Cabo. So basically I became the taxi. I rented a huge Tahoe (which I promptly named "the beast") and schlepped back and forth (50 mins round trip) to the airport about two dozen times. While the guests greatly appreciated it, it sapped so much of my energy and for the first few days, left me with very little time to relax (which I desperately needed). On top of that, Alex was off doing bachelor party stuff which made me a little (ok, a lot) resentful. In hindsight, I should have let our guests take cabs or shuttles. Do not make the same mistake! We didn't find out about the other "bad" until we got back to NYC. We stayed in one night to watch the wedding video and we were SO touched by all the nice things our guests had to say about us, the venue, the wedding, the details etc. Well, then we got to Alex's brother. What did he say to the camera? I quote: "I miss my dog and my girlfriend." Nice. When pressed further by the person videotaping, he said "the wedding is nice and all, but you should have eloped." He was dead serious. WOW. The best part? He gave the nicest toast at the wedding (totally unexpected and unprompted). What a two-sided-pile-o-douche.
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    Yikes!  We were actually talking last night that we would probably rent a limo to pick up the people at the airport to transport them to the pier (which is only 3 minutes from the Airport I am told).  We figured we'd have maybe 12 to 15 people all flying in from Minnesota, and approximately the same amount flying down to San Diego from Sacramento/San Franciso.  It'll cost them about $20 for a taxi cab I was quoted, and the same for a shuttle from the airport to the pier.  Hmmmmm......our situation is different than yours, so maybe it might work for us????????  Sorry you had to deal with that though.  Sounds like it sucked for you. 
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    Oooo...I would definitely be cutting that from the final tape!
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    WTF is his problem??
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    What a sucky BIL.  I'm glad it didn't ruin your wedding day though and he was at least okay during the event.  D0uche bag fo sho.
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