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Welcome Gift Bags - Advice Please!

Hello Ladies,We're hosting a small destination wedding in Lake Tahoe this Sept. I'd like to put together "Welcome to our Wedding Weekend" giftbags to place in our guests rooms & would like some advice on what to put in them?? Water, candy etc..? Also, I've seen a few that I like online but any suggestions on where to purchase would be great!Thank you..

Re: Welcome Gift Bags - Advice Please!

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    In ours we are going to put in:personalized lip balmwaterproof disposable camerahand sanitizerphotoshare cardtimeline for wedding events (RD, wedding, reception)And then we are going to buy something locally from Cancun such as: picture frame, bottle opener, shot glass, key chain, etc.These may not specifically apply to your DW because mine is in Cancun and yours is in Lake Tahoe (awesome, btw!) but hopefully it gives you some direction or something :)Candy/food/water items seem to be very popular for OOT bags, and I'm sure guests would appreciate the goodies! I like the idea of buying something locally that is like a souvenir for the guests, like my Cancun picture frame idea, but for you something to Tahoe. I've seen other knotties do local specialties in the bags. (ie: Jamaican rum for a DW in Jamaica).HTH :)
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    Hi rainyy!!  I've got a whole page in my bio devoted to OOTs.  Some suggestions are: welcome letter and timeline of events, pens and pads, list of local activites, bottles of water, keychains and/or bottle openers, gum or mints, and something local to the area. I got my bags from HTH!
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    Hi! Ours will have: Welcome Letter, Hand Sanitizer, Snacks and Candy, Candles, Personalized Travel Mug, Bath Sponge, Pedicure Set, Playing Cards, Personalized Puzzles and Games (like crosswords that you make online), Tylenol, Mini First Aid Kit, Imodium, mouthwash and I'm thinking about travel size sewing kits too.For the kids I have coloring books, cute kiddie travel mugs, and some toys.
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    To piggy back off of Sarlah's response, I second the idea of finding a few local items for the bag. It will make it a little easier so that you don't have to travel to the destination with a lot of stuff. The only thing is that you will have to make time before the wedding to get the things. I'm still not sure if I want to do an OOT bag. But if I do I will put a welcome letter/ schedule of events, water, tylenol , local snacks and candy. If I don't do the OOT bag my other option is to give my guests a Gift bag at the end of the wedding with local snacks, treats, maybe some liquor and an Aruban souvenir. Keep it simple and try to get items that your guests will actually use.
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    For my wedding I'm thinking of including a personalized fold out fan.  It will be nice to use during the beach ceremony which will be during the super hot month of August.
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    hey rainyy, I agree with something from Tahoe. There are many gift stores that offer food gifts like Huckleberry taffy, jam, syrup, etc. You can also get coffee in Tahoe for the OOT bags for those who love coffee in their rooms! I plan on having a Lake Tahoe wedding also, great choice!
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