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The Good/Bad/Ugly...very, very long!

Thought I would do this all in one post. GoodEverything was good! We had 12 people come in together on Wed and another 18 come in on Thursday. Everyone got along right off the bat since there were many that didn't know each other. As soon as we got off the plane our TA's driver met us with a case of cold red stripes and then made several stops for us before we made it to the resort an hour and a half later! I also loved that our photographer and her husband came in with us so they got to meet everyone and partied with us the whole time! Getting ready was a tad hectic though (more about that later). Basically, the entire trip was amazing!! Everyone had a ball and having the entire resort to ourselves for 4 days was the icing on the cake! BadLet me first mention that at the time I didn't notice many things that were wrong but now that I've had time to rethink certain things there were several things that were off. AND I still wouldn't change anything!!1. The table runners my mom made for me were measured exactly to the quoted size the resort wedding coordinator told me. Well, she lied about the size of the tables, because the runners were very, very short. She used several small tables instead of the long plastic tables she informed me of. 2. I took the risk of waiting until I got to Jamaica to get centerpieces. I had an idea of what I wanted (glass vase or plates or sorts that held oranges, limes, and lemons). Well, turns out I couldn't find anything in glass and the whole damn island didn't seem to have lemons!! In the end, we bought these cool wood leaf bowls and filled them with water and put these gorgeous yellow flowers from the property in them. It turned out great, but while shopping for things the days before, it was very, very stressful!!!3. My friend was in charge of queing the music during the ceremony. Well we went over and over it the day before and she still qued our last song at the wrong time. Instead of letting it play, she stopped it...leaving us in dead silence and then started it again from the beginning later. It was akward, but then we all laughed so it ended up working. 4. We never took formal pics with all of our family!! Really, really wish we would have remembered this!5. Due to the heat, the cupcakes completely melted before we got around to eating them. Again, kinda bad at first, then very funny later b/c of how pretty, then ugly they looked within minutes!UglyAs some of you might have heard, one of my bridesmaids sent me a text message a day and a half before we left and told me that she wouldn't be able to go due to family health problems! I was sympathetic, but in bridezilla moment, so I was PISSED!I had to redo my hair over 6 times including rewash it before the ceremony b/c I and all other bridemaids suck at doing hair. Also, none of us do makeup and I ended up doing most of it myself. I was very stressed and on top of it, most all of my girls weren't sober while I was struggling to get things going. (again, i looked great when it was all said and done i guess)AND, at the time, this was the only real ugly I had:My husband and I discussed that no matter how hot it was we were not going to change for the reception, which made me not buy a reception dress at all. well, after awhile I turn around and there's my new husband in a black v-neck t-shirt and white linen shorts!! I was beyond upset! He told me the photographer said he could change if he wanted so he did. Then he tells me I should still stay in my dress! I was like, "I am a bride with no groom!! I look stupid!" On top of it all, we hadn't done the cake cutting, garter toss, or bouquet toss yet! So, we did the cake or cupcake cutting without announcing it and never did the bouquet or garter toss. I had to go and have my girlfriends round up all the dresses they brought and pick one out for the reception since I didn't have anything myself. I guess all in all I was only upset for like 5-10 mins, but still. I wanted those moments in pictures and never got them. Still to come.......would/wouldn't do!(I know most girls come back and say they had no bad or ugly's, but I wanted to dish everything. It was still absolutely amazing!!!

Re: The Good/Bad/Ugly...very, very long!

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    I really appreciate your honesty. That sounds just like something my FI would do.Glad to hear you're happy overall!!
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    Thanks for being honest and not sugar coating it =)  I think it will remind us all that in the end you were still happy and that is what really matters.  Glad you had a wonderful time =)
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    Sorry you didn't get the pics you wanted.  We did the same thing for my sisters wedding a few years ago.  We were all so busy that we kept missing out on the formal family picture.  Of course BIL's family did like a gazillion so my mom's still a little bitter. 
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    Thanks for sharing all the details! I find it all really helpful.I told the GM that after pictures they can change if they want to, but that the reception dinner is being held in a semi-formal restaurant, so not too casual. I don't really think any of them will change because it's only going to be 80 degrees outside, and the dinner will be indoors with a/c. Sooo, I think they can handle it. On the other hand, FI knows he can not change, but he can take his jacket off after formal pictures.
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    I'm glad you still had a great time even with all the little things that went wrong. Congrats Mrs.!
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    Glad it all went so awesome :)  Stupid grooms not doing as they're told :)
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    happy to hear that everything went well.  I'm sure that when your DH said he wouldn't change he had no idea how hot it would actually be.   :)  I'm not always on here so page me on FB when you post your pics.  I can't wait to see them. 
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