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I'm glad you had a great time!  Can't wait to see the pictures.  How exciting!  I think you made the right decision to have her come on the cruise with you.  That's the situation we were in; since the photographer we're considering lives in San Diego, (which is the Port we sail from) we had the option of just getting her out to Catalina Island the day of the wedding, or to just pay for her cruise and have her cruise with us the entire trip.  I opted for the cruise! :)  I am excited about it!

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    Thank you! I am really hoping she can go. She said today that she's never been on a cruise. I just learned today that she quit her full-time job to pursue her photography career. So this would be a great portfolio addition if she'll come. The flight and cruise is around $500. A flight alone to Key West was over $600. It really just makes more sense for us to have her cruise with us. And to top it off, she gives us a disc with all the pics and we just print what we want since we get full ownership over the prints. Well I'm happy that I'm not the only one taking their own photographer!
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    That's exactly what our photographer is doing as far as the disc is concerned!  Btw, who is your photographer?!?!  You  can email me:
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