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damn, you girls are like heroin

I wanna be on here all the time. but I must work on WR projects, or I will have a very naked wedding. I hate you DIY to do list. you and all your gluing and panting. I am about to enact a very strict "no knotting for the next 5 hours law" that will go into effect right now. I'll see ya all later.

K+S 9.18.9 | DD #1 age 2 | PG # 5 EDD 9.17.12

Re: damn, you girls are like heroin

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    I might have to join you or else I may not have a wedding next week or a job when I come back if I don't finish up my WR crap and get some actual work done here.
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    Yeah it's super difficult not to log in while at work.  But guess we have to keep on trecking
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    I would say I spend at least half my time at work on here. But I do still manage to get all my work done. This place is just so addicting!
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    Ha i was thinking the same thing today.  But hey I lasted until 2:30 before I got on.  Sucky work.
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