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I’m a stuck on actually booking the resort for our wedding. I (think) we know which resort we want to go to, all I need to do it book it – easy, right? I have a somewhat tighter budget to stay within when it comes to our guests. There will be about 15 of us, all (to my knowledge) are staying all 7 nights. Here’s my dilemma. I’ve become anxious watching sales come and go for different resorts in Jamaica. I so badly want an actual wedding date and book the resort (so far all I have is the AHR date!). However, FI is wondering why I am freaking out about this. His family’s philosophy is wait for a little while and watch for a good deal. Then there’s my family, who wants to book early so they can use frequent flier miles… So how far in advance did you book? Did you wait for a sale? Or just book and renegotiate rates when a sale came up? Should I worry about booking the resort first, and then watch flights for a while – Heck, I don’t even know that I good price is from MN to Jamaica ;) Flights right now are around $500/rt. TIA :)
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    We booked about a year in advance.  Just because you book the wedding doesn't mean everyone in your party does has to.  So if your family wants to now, they can and his family can wait.  Not sure about flights from MN but flights for us were drastically lower at about 4months out than they were at 10.
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    We're going on a cruise for our wedding and I booked 18 months in advance.  The travel agent I'm working with said that if rates go down she will have all of our reservations changed to the better rate.  I'm like your family I need to know wayyyyyy in advance so I have enough time to fix any set backs. But my fiance is like your's he doesn't know why I'm planning so early, but I say better safe than sorry.Usually from what I've noticed flight tend to be cheaper if you book them months in advance but that's just me.hth :O)
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    We booked ours nine months ahead, because that's where the proposal placed us, and we had to have a set week because I'm a teacher.  Are you working with a travel agent?  Becuase I was watching and expedia etc, and you can't book as a group.  As people book on sites like these, the prices will go up, so some of your party could get screwed.  We're working with a travel agent who has found us a group rate to the resort we love, and our party books through them.  Our rate is guaranteed for the next few months.   Good luck!
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    I think we booked about 13 months out. I can be crazy OCD about planning stuff though, so that's mostly why. Plus we knew we were going to use miles for our flights so we needed to book early.
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    I'm six months out and haven't booked yet!  We're getting married at an all-inclusive in Cuba and for some reason the rates are really high this year!  We are also having difficulties with airlines...from our city there are 4 major charters to choose from and right now only 1 has released a schedule, the others are not showing any flights down South until March 1st!!! We are hoping this will change and have decided today to pick August 25th as a final day where we will book no matter what-hoping we have more options by then though!As other people said, once you've booked then your guests can book as they feel like it!  Just book when you are comfortable with the rate...try not to stress too much, it'll all work out! :)
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    I booked my trip 5 months out.  Prices were way too high before that, so I waited it out.
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    We booked in Feb for our Nov wedding (about 9mos in advance). I ultimately chose our location based upon a deal they were running on Expedia (buy two nights get two nights free - cheaper than every TA I checked w/ by hundreds of dollars). It was between the Wyndham and the Marriott - both comparable in prices and amenities - so the deal was the deciding factor. The deal is still current, so all of our guests have the advantage of booking the same offer. The only thing that changes daily is the prices of the flights - they go up and down by about $100-$200per person. We are flying out of Detroit and currently the airfare is on it's high side. I've been watching it since we booked and it's really something you should just watch for once you decide on location. HTH good luck
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