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Check - Photographer!

We had a first meeting with a photographer last night...and booked our e-pics today! October 11th - during peak color for autumn leaves here in MN. So excited!We're booking her for our AHR --- and contemplating bringing her to Jamaica for the wedding. I'm still grappling on whether I want to fly someone down, or just use the resort photogs. Cons to the resort photogs - generic pics, only get to choose 25-35 pics, and no TTD session :( We'll just have to see how it all unfolds...
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Re: Check - Photographer!

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    Great Check! I am sure those pictures will be absolutely beautiful! I wish we had an "autumn" in Texas... but one day its summer, the next day its Christmas and cold-ish. Rarely do I see leaves turning! :-)
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    Congrats!  I'm still struggling on bringing in/using someone local too.  Let us know what you decide!
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