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WTF venue.... Seriously? (vent)

I've posted before about all the problems I had with our venue... not calling me back, me having to beg for 2 months to get our contract, the snotty email I got from my contact written in caps to remind me that THIS IS SAVANNAH, NOT CHICAGO, etc.  I've had just about enough from them.  And yesterday I got a voice mail.....Back story: I had initially asked to do a bar package because I had read a few reviews online that said the bar bill was outrageous just running a tab and the mixed drinks were $12+ each.  I was told no, that our party was too small to do a bar package.  I wasn't excited about that but I signed a contract anyway.  That was, oh, 4 months ago.  I had called twice after that to ask questions about table size (so I knew how many centerpieces I needed) and to confirm the menu because they wanted each guests' meal choice ahead of time.  Each time, I was made to feel like I was bothering them and was quickly rushed off the phone.  Yesterday I got this voice mail:  "Hi, it's Sandy.  Everything is fine here.  I was talking to Danny (my initial contact, who I refused to work with after the nasty email.  Sandy is his supervisor and I've been working with him since then.) and Danny said you had mentioned you read online about an outrageous bar bill.  I just wanted to know where you read this and who the people were because our prices aren't that bad.  We DID have 1 wedding recently that was doing shots of Patron and that got expensive but we haven't really had any other problems with an outrageous bar bill.  So give me a call and let me know where you heard that."Uh.... seriously?  Are we in high school?  I told him that in APRIL.  This is AUGUST.  Why is it an issue all of a sudden?  I'm about ready to pull the plug and tell them to eff off and just get married at City Hall.  This was just the icing on the cake of unprofessionalism with these people.  UGH!

Re: WTF venue.... Seriously? (vent)

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    Sorry you have to be dealing with this- what a-holes!  I hope everything works out!!!
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    Ugh! That is totally ridiculous! I can't believe they would even do that. How unprofessional of them. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that.
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    WOW! I cant believe that they would talk to you like that! Jeeezzz... I may not pull the plug and go to city hall, but I may pull the plug and go next door! LOL I cant believe those people! The NERVE! Hang in there girl!
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    Are you ABLE to cancel?  The alarm signals ARE starting to add up here.  I would HIGHLY suggest you post reviews from all of your experiences everywhere you can too.  They sound like unprofessional immature fools.  They should be trying to RETAIN and SATISFY you not "find out who said that".  You are right, so high school. 
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    We did sign a contract with them, but they didn't require any type of deposit.  Their contract says nothing about owing anything if we cancel.  We've eaten in the restaurant and the food is really good.  I've read tons of reviews about beautiful weddings they've done.  The only bad reviews were 2 or 3 that complained about the bar bill at the end of the night, and 1 review about them "losing" the leftover cake at the end of the night (which was made by one of the most highly regarded bakeries in the area and was quite expensive.)  Other than that, literally dozens and dozens of awesome reviews.  :-(
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