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Ordered my dress! PIB

So I had my first official bridezilla moment today in the bride shop..I guess not so much bridezilla as just an over emotional bride crying over nothing..I went to order my dress (the one I have been admiring for months and tried on before and loved) and tried it on and did not love it.  In fact, I hated it.  I don't know what happened, last time I loved it and wanted it more than anything.  This time I felt fat, ugly, and it just felt wrong.   I thought I was being over-dramatic and tried not to start crying but could not help it.. I did not know what Mom calmed me down, had me take a breather and then casually suggested I try on this one dress on the dummy "for fun".  The dummy dress did not work, but then the sales lady Faith (who was simply amazing btw) brought out this other dress.  I looked at it and thought it was ALL wrong, not at all what I would want.  She said "just try it on..for me".  I did, and fell in love.  It is sexy, and light, I feel like a bride and feel beautiful in it.  Ignore my badly needing highlights hair that I should have done before I went, and check out the dress.  Mind you, it is a size too small in these pics, but still beautiful. :) So, my dress is finally ordered! YAY!  I wish I could post it here but I suck at that, so it is in my bio, about half way down..!
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