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The gym must be working

I've been pretty bummed lately b/c I've been stuck at the same weight and size for awhile now, but I tried on my wedding dress earlier today and it looks so much better on me now then it did when I first got it!! It totally made my day. So to all the girls who are struggling w/ weight/gym issues, stick w/ it b/c even if the numbers don't agree it is working =)

Re: The gym must be working

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    That's awesome!I've always found one of strangest things about working out can be that you may not change in terms of weight, but that's because you are gaining muscle & losing body fat, and muscle weighs more than fat. So your body can totally be changing shape, but you don't realize it until you do something like... try on your wedding dress again and notice it looks a lot better than before! That's so great!I'm trying to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize :)
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    That's excellent! My favorite thing is trying on something I think won't fit or look good and it does! We are going to Mexico in 3 months to pick our AI for the wedding so I am determined to lose 15 lbs. But I will be extremely happy if I get down a couple of pant sizes!! I just finished my 3rd 3 mile run this week, with a total of 5 runs this week. I am pretty pleased with myself. As you should be with yours :)
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    YAY! You go girl! That's AWESOME! I'd much rather lose inches than weight. Glad its all paying off!!!!
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    Woo Hoo! Great job Natalie!
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