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~Back from Vacation~

I didn't get to knot at all on vacation, and while I missed you ladies, and apparently missed a lot...i'm glad I stayed away from the computer in general!!!Well, FI and I got back late last night, my friends wedding was AMAZING!  They did the ceremony on  a private, EMPTY beach just off the coast of Massachusettes on Thursday and the reception was Friday.  The brides brother did the ceremony and it was perfect.  He made it all about nascar and holy cow, i was crying, name it.  So great.And my friend that had a baby in VT is doing awesome and the baby is cute!So...did I miss  anything..LOL.

Re: ~Back from Vacation~

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    Welcome back!  I'm glad you had such a great time!!!  I went on a little mini vacation myself last week.  The only thing you really missed was Natalee's LP.  It was a tear jerker... I'm sure you'll feel the same way when you read it!  :)Glad to have you back! 
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    Welcome back!Glad to hear you had a good vacation!! I had to laugh at the NASCAR thing...too funny.  
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