Here is my vendor review (copied and pasted): In no certain order: Venue - Curtis Center by Cescaphe: A+ The staff was amazing as usual, catered to us all night, made sure we attempted to eat, packed up our car etc.. Food was AMAZING, wish I had time to eat more! Everyone raved about how great everything was. Photographer - Mike Landis (and Ryan Estes, 2nd shooter): A+ .. Having Mike and Ryan together was like getting double for my money. They are both such amazing photographers/artists. They were fun to be with, and we felt so comfortable working with them. They were like an addition to the bridal party - not a vendor! Videographer - Martins: Can't rate this until I get the video back obviously.. but one comment to make- our videographer was John (not the owner, just an employee) and John really stepped up when some issues happened which I will discuss below.. so just based on John, I give them an A so far. Transportation - J&J Transportation: ***F*** - This is what I alluded to above.. so basically we left the church, ready to go take some scheduled photos in the city (art museum, love park) and then head to the reception (we were NOT going to miss our cocktail hour!) .. about 5 minutes after leaving the church, our 14 passenger limo bus breaks down on the side of the road in S Philly. We sat in the bus for 30 minutes without the driver even telling us what was wrong.. (it didnt help that he barely spoke English) - It was mid 70's out so without air we were all starting to get a little sticky. We got out of the bus and all stood around.. We decided to make the most of it and take some photos. After another little while we realize the driver isnt even there anymore.. he left us? So I borrow one of my bridesmaids cell and call the company (luckily I had made a list of all my vendors and their contact info the night before for this reason) - the company says it's going to take an hour or two to get us a new bus! I explained it's our wedding.. we have timelines, pictures to take, a reception to be at it and we were stuck! This could really ruin our wedding photos and make us super late for our reception! So John (from Martins videography) who was following behind us in his personal car because they take video as you get photos taken, steps up and offers to have Ben and I and our photographers get in his car and drive us to get started with some of our photos we wanted to get done while the bridal party hailed cabs.. We all got in the car with John, went to city hall for some photos and then to the art museum - keeping in touch with the bridal party who ended up in three seperate cabs (luckily a few of them had their cells and Mike Landis also had his so we used his to keep in touch with them since Ben and I didnt have ours on us obviously). we must have looked like the ghetto wedding party who coudlnt afford a limo and decided to use a friends car/cabs instead :) Anyhow, in the end it worked out with us getting a majority of our photos in, and being late for the cocktail hour but at least on time for the reception. J&J has since told my mom they would refund the full amount, which is the least they can do... but I personally will never use them again! In a time of crisis they had no solutions for us. Florist: Alicia @ Il fiore Bianco (in house florist of Cescaphe): A - Alicia was always a pleasure to talk to, delivered nice flowers, etc. Mine were pretty dead by the reception, as was Bens boutineere though, but I dont know if being outside in the heat with the broken down bus attributed to that so I can't fault her. Her prices were a little higher than others, but I liked her work. Band - Midnight Hour (BVT Band): B - Midnight hour did a great job of keeping people entertained and on the dance floor all night.. they sounded great, etc. My only reason for not giving them an A was because we had given them a list of "MUST PLAY" songs which they did not really even touch... towards the end of the night there were a few I realized they hadnt played and I had to go up and ask them to play them. I was slightly upset that a few of my favorite wedding songs werent played at my own wedding but honestly everyone was having such a great time that it really wasnt a huge deal. Photobooth - Bux photobooth: A - Eric was very friendly when setting up everything via email, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the booth (it was good quality, too). You can't beat his pricing either. Hair - Jill Kozar from Le Peppilion salon in Jenkintown: A - Came to our hotel which was great, competitive pricing, and great personality. Jill did a great job on everyones hair. She's really easy to talk to and explain things to which was great as well. My hair stayed put all day and not one bobby pin came out of place even with all the random running around we did! :) Makeup - Krisyi from Benefit Cosmetics at my local counter in Macys: A - my makeup looked great and stayed on all day. I've been using Krisyi for my makeup purchases for forever so I had no doubts she'd be awesome. Honeymoon - Part 1, Coronado Springs Disney World: A - Everyone in disney was so friendly and ready to congratulate us on the engagement when they saw us wearing our pins. Food was fantastic with the dining plan. I love Disney.. I cant complain one bit. Honeymoon - Part 2, Couples Swept Away Jamaica: C - Couples is a great resort is all you care about is the beach and drinks.. we were hoping for a few more activities during the day, or things we could go off and do on our own, but this isnt the sort of place for that. The staff was a mix of very friendly people and then also some very unfriendly people.. It was almost like a forced friendliness, a "I have to say please and thank you to you but I am bitter that youre a rich American" .. Also our room was right next to major construction going on so every morning we woke up to construction sounds at 8am - and since we like to sleep in.. that wasnt fun. 3 days before checkout they were able to move us to a different room which was better, but the first few days were filled with drilling noises all morning. Food was good, drinks were great, beach was great - good place to go if you just want to lay around and be lazy. :) Flight - Air Jamaica: D .. I will never fly them again! RUDERUDERUDE people and very old dirty planes. Ugh. never again!
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