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I didnt forget about you ladies!

Hi!  I wish I was around more and more caught up on here, but we were busy all week with our AHR on Friday... Hopefully you ladies still remember me! :)  How is eveyone's planning going??  Some of you are sooooo close! Yay!I added Jamaica and AHR pics on FB - we didnt get good reception pics, but other people did and tagged me in them :)

Re: I didnt forget about you ladies!

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    :::waves frantically::: Hieeeee Paige!!!!!! I am going to go look at your photos on FB now. Glad that you had a good time at your AHR! I want to find a close of picture of your hair from Jamaica to take with me to my wedding. I still want the exact same flowers you have in your hair... :-)
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    Hiiiii Sarah!!  I was JUST reading your post with your pictures and they are fantastic :):)  You are getting sooo close and I am so excited for you!  FI is going to love the book - DH has already memorized the whole thing basically!  My shutterfly account has some close-up pics of my hair for you...  They are in the "Our Wedding Album" in the beginning...
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    haha :-) THANKS! I keep looking at them whenever FI is gone, I still can't believe I did it and they look soooo good. I can't wait to show him :-) I am going to go run off and grab some of your pics off shutterfly! Hopefully my florist will have flowers like you had!
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    OF COURSE WE REMEMBER YOU!!  Silly girl!  Just because you're a Mrs. now doesn't mean we forget you!  :)I LOVE your AHR pics.  I was looking at them last night.  The cake was very nice!  Loved the colors and the simplicity of it all.  I have to say, in my classes when I teach the "sotas" technique, all my students say "Boy, when will we ever use this on a cake"... and I tell them that most people use this technique on a bridal shower cake or wedding cake.  And they never believe me!   Your cake is a prime example of how GEORGEOUS those "squiggly" lines can look!  :)
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