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I realized I have no friends

My MOH wants me to put my list together for my bachelorette party, and I can't even come up with 10 people that would come! How sad is that?!

Re: I realized I have no friends

  • I know how you feel. Ever since I've moved back here I realized that all of my friends have moved away and I really haven't met any new friends since I've been here. So sad :( I was thinking about who I would invite to my bridal shower...and the list was like all of my mom's friends. I feel your pain.
  • Aw, we're your friends!  It's ok to have a small bachelorette party.  I have been to plenty with just a few girls!
  • We'll all have a drink on the night of your bachelorette party!!!  ;)
  • I hear you on this one... I am trying to find girls to go to mine too.
  • not to be obnoxiously optimistic or anything, but it's better to have an awesome bachelorette party with 5 great girls, than 15 random people.I was just recently at one that had 20 people, and sometimes people felt really excluded from the activities (because the group was so large, people couldnt watch the bride do all of the embarassing dares, since it would be really awkward to have an audience of 20 people).
  • i think that sometimes party planning makes you feel that way..but i agree with everyone else - better to have a small group of great people than a big group of so-so friends!
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  • I totally know where you're coming from. I've lost touch w/ a lot of my friends. We have couples we hang out w/ but I only have one close girlfriend. It'll be fun no matter what. The last bachelorette party I went to only had 6 girls including the bride. I think it's better w/ a smaller group b/c then no one feels excluded.
  • I dont have a MOH and am not having a shower... I'm the queen of the pity committee
  • I'm so glad you posted this, not to make you feel worse or anything but I started thinking about having a bridal shower yesterday versus having a bachelorette party b/c I have no girlfriends anymore.  Honestly is crap because I've tried to stay in touch with these grils but they're doing their own thing now and don't have time ever for me.  So I've stopped trying.  I have 1 goodfriend.  How lame would it be if it was just us 2? haha If I have a bridal shower at least I'll have my mom, her friends, some aunts, my old boss, etc. so a couple more people than at the bach party.  At least you know you arn't feeling bad alone :O(  
  • Yes but the people that you would want to come are really quality, right? Quality is always better than quantity. Especially with friends.
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  • Not too worry. As I have been planing my DW, I was shocked at whom is coming, and who is not. I am begining to realize who is true and who really doesnt care. Enjoy the friends you have, they truly will make your day even more wonderful than if you had 30 friends!
  • For my bachelorette party, it'll just be me, my MOH and 1 BM and we're staying in Nassau for a few days. It'll be a blast and something I definitely could not have done if I had more friends. :)
  • I like Shelli's idea! And, im in the same boat as you girls.
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  • Oops, posted too early. I would rather have 2 really good friends there then a large group of people I wasn't as close to.
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  • I'm in a similar situation and I agree with PP. One of my two best friends is my aunt. All the other girls I know I consider more of good acquaintances than great friends, and I like it that way.
  • I'm only having 5 girls at my bachlorette party, but they are great. I could invite some aquaintences? but I wouldn't be comfortable with them. Just think, we can all fit in the same cab ride.
  • Thank you all for posting. And you are right, I would rather have the few that really care and want to have a good time with me than just some random people I see every now and again.
  • Not at all. It means you're selective in your friendships but those you do have are for life.
  • I'm so sorry.  I know how you feel.  Aside from my sisters I only have 1-2 friends that I talk to on a regular basis.  Everyone else is like once in a blue moon.  ::HUGS::
  • Ditto!!!  People get caught up in their own lives and we're now in the age of cyber-friendships...  facebook, email, the knot :), etc...  As you get older, the circle shrinks also due to having a handful of kids and/or starting a family everyone is in a different stage of life around this time.  Thank goodness for this board :)
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  • You always have your DW girls!  We love you!  *hugs*  Hope you're feeling better about things.And you should try to come to the next STL GTG!  I didn't realize you are so close to us! :)
  • I know exactly how you feel.  All my friends dumped me a long time ago (long story) and I only have 2 good ones that I'm still in contact with.  It makes me sad sometimes and then Eric always reminds me that I wouldn't really want to be friends with them anymore anyways because of the way they treated me.  Wouldn't it be great if we all lived much closer.  Then we could go to eachothers bachelorette parties. 
  • I probably couldn't come up with 10 people either.  It's funny - once you have kids, all of your childless friends sort of disappear.  My b-party is going to be 2 of my sisters and I in a hotel suite watching the movies we loved as kids and eating pizza in our pj's.  I think we need to start a new DW tradition.  We each need to post on the day of our b-party (or whatever we're doing to celebrate) and all the other DW knotties can have a drink at home in our honor.  If you're not having a b-party, pick a date yourself and we'll all toast to you.  Agreed?
  • I totally understand! It seems alot of us are in the same boat!
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