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Scary moment this morning...

So I emailed my WC last night with some questions.  A woman calls me this morning and says the old WC is no longer there and she is the new one.  She has no record of my deposit being paid.  I freaked out but everything has been straightened out now.  Also, a funny thing.  My honorary MOH has offered to be my "RSVP Nazi".  I have told her my fellow Notties might be interested in her services.  She said "great this could be the money maker I've been looking for, I could charge per RSVP". ;).

Re: Scary moment this morning...

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    I'm glad you got it worked out...we are too close to have this freak outs...not cool! And LOL! about the RSVPs...hahahahaha...that is a great idea.
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    Oh I hate those. I got a message a few months ago that said "Sarah, this is Daisy from the Grand Wailea. Please call me back in regards to your wedding." The end. And I FREAKED out - just to call her back and hear she was my new WC and everything was fine. I was like SHEESH at least you could have sounded HAPPY on the message! It was so daunting... LOL And KUDOS to your honorary MOH for the RSVP Nazi services. I am still so POed at FI's family for not RSVPing (seriously, nobody, i put a freaking stamp on the card!)... I am still debating on calling EVERYONE to see if they are coming (even though most of them aren't) just so I can be like "We didn't receive your stamped RSVP card in the mail, and since our final guest count is now late, I need to know if you will be joining us in Maui" I won't because that would be mildly b!tchy of me... but I want to... haha
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    Why is there such a turn-over among wedding coordinators anyway? I'm on my third one now...makes me nervous!
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