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i saw that your getting married in the keys at Southernmost and so am I! haha im also using john hunter...any tips about the resort? did you see it in person? everything with meillisa go smoothly thus far?! and pleasseeee will you do a review!? LOL :)

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    How funny, we are almost wedding-twins! :) My fiance has seen the Southernmost, I have only seen pictures. The only thing he voiced concern about is the fence that runs along the backside of the beach space, in that it's kind of an eye-sore, but I know they offer 2 different beach-front spaces for the ceremony. Everything with Melissa has gone very smoothly, hopefully that continues through to the big day! I have actually been thinking of ways to spruce up the beach space without going totally overboard, since the ceremony will only last 15-20 minutes tops...? Any thoughts? I will definitely post my review as soon as we get back to fill you in on what to expect! It's coming up so fast. I kind of feel like we are winging this whole thing, and just praying the weather cooperates and the vendors show up! What other vendors are you using?? Here are my other ones; Flowers - Mama's Flowers Officiant - Aaron W Guitarist - Din Allen Makeup/Hair - Marie Pierre Accommodations - Merlin Guesthouse and Marquesa If you want to email at all - kalynheat @ gmail dot com! :)
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