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Vibes please

So my little brother has a mouth on him that he'd started to control when he first joined the Air Force.  However he's in some serious trouble right now and I would really appreciate some vibes.  He got into a very verbal argument with another airman who instigated it.  But I don't condone anything my brother said in return.  The other airman went higher up to report my brother but didn't realize that he'd be in much more trouble for what he said.  Either way, my brother's up sh!t creek right now.  They're bringing experts in since it was harassment on both ends and it's not looking good.  The other guy has lied about what happened to make himself look good.  Thankfully there were tons of witnesses.  I just wish my bro would keep his GD mouth shut sometimes.  I guess I'm asking for vibes that he understands the seriousness of his actions.  He should be reprimanded but as any big sister would know, it's not what you want to see happen to your little brother.  But if he hasn't learned yet, maybe this is the only way he will.

Re: Vibes please

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    Vibes on the way! 
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    As a big sister to a sm@rtass loud mouth little brother... ::HUGE VIBES:: to you!!!!!!!!! I totally know what you mean too - you want them to get in trouble so they can see the consequences of their actions..... but its your little bro and you want to protect him at the same time. Keep me updated - I will be thinking about him!
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    **vibes** that things work out for the best. Hopefully he'll realize that he needs to control himself, but not get in too much trouble.
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    ::Vibes:: that things work out for the best, regardless of how hard it is to watch that happen. I have to watch my little sister get herself into trouble often - I know it's not easy. *HUG*
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