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AW: Trash the Dress- Dress!!

AHHH I just got my Trash the Dress, Dress in the mail from fellow Knottie Eleise.  I LOVE the dress, it is elegant and sexy, just want you need for a TTD.  Thank you so much again Eleise, you were awesome to work with!Ok back to your scheduled knotting :)

Re: AW: Trash the Dress- Dress!!

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    That's exciting! Congrats :) Can you post a picture of it?
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    YAY! Do you have a pic?
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    at you were talking about before I could comment. That sounds so cool! Is the dress you are using already been trashed or is it just a cheaper version of your gown? I think I would have to get a cheap knock off of my dress and use it instead of my own 1000 dollar dress. Or buy a dress that's totally different than my dress just for fun.How are you going to trash it?
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    Thanks ladies, we just got done moving into our apt... so as soon as we get settled I promise to try to figure out this PIP thing :)  It is absolutely dreamy though ;)  I got a dress that had been a former Knotties wedding dress, she sold it to me for a great price.  It doesn't look anything like my dress, but I also didn't want to trash my real dress.  We are going to Mexico for the wedding so we will find somewhere cool in the ocean, ruins, pool, etc :)
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