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Dress alterations timeline

So my dress is in and I already went for the try on, but it wasn't a real "fitting". It was more of a, your dress is here so try it on and make sure you still like it. Well when I asked the lady about alterations she said that I don't need to come in until November (wedding is January 8) and not to call until October because she doesn't even have the schedule for November yet. So, I said ok because what else was I going to say? lol.Ok well the deal is that I want to change my neckline from just a straight strapless to a sweetheart neckline and what I'm wondering is about how long that takes? I imagine it's more work then just hemming the dress so I'm wondering if I could actually go in earlier than November.I guess I just need to call the dress shop and ask.I was just wondering what you ladies thought?TIA :)

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    Hey Sarah :)Yeah, I would defo call and double-check with the woman that she knows about the neckline deal. I would be that she's just thinking of hemming it and taking it in a bit, stuff like that. She might say "that's not a problem we don't need more time to do that," but better safe and communicative than sorry!Can't wait to see pictures!!! :)*m*
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    I get married in October leave 9/30 and started the dress alteration in the middle of August. I didn't major alterations though. Give her a call and a heads up to what alterations you want. She may be able to do it all in November. You don't want to go too early jsut in case you loose weight or something. My weight fluctuates a lot so I waited as long as I could so my dress was accurate as possible.
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    Hi there! We leave November 1st...I had my first dress fitting this past Saturday, have another one mid October and then actually pick it up the weekend before we leave...just wanted to share my timeline. My lady kept saying since we are now in the Fall, it is a slower time so she has less dresses to alter, etc...I am w/ you and just having minor alterations made as well. HTH!
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    I'm considering doing that to my dress too, but don't think it's a huge deal. I'm sure it can be added to your alterations no prob. I think there's probably a big assortment of how much actual work a dress takes - some lots, some not, and they can accomodate all. But I totally understand that calling will make you feel better :)
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