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Drama Rama Update!!!

I figured I would give you all the update on FI and his lovely family.  So Sunday was the first time we had seen most of his family in over a year including his parents.  Everything went well there were no problems or major issues to speak of.FSIL and FBIL did however ignore both FI and myself the entire day.  FI even made an attempt to shake FBIL's hand hello AND goodbye and he just ignored him.  So... yeah, we get it, you want nothing to do with us.  Feelings are mutual.Oh and FMIL... is as wacky as ever.  It just bothers me that she is WAY more obsessed with FSIL two babies and their role (or lack there of) in our wedding.  UGH.  We don't care that they are coming to the ceremony, they are too young in our eyes but you want them there.  Whatever!  So that is the scoop!  Next up, my bridal November.

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