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Siggy Challenge: Show Me!

I haven't seen anyone with baby pics yet, but if you manage to find them...well...this is the time to show them off! =)As a reminder if you are not going to participate in the week's challenge, please take down the pic of the previous weeks...OR...if you like the pic and wanna keep it there, just remove the "DW Siggy Challenge" title to avoid confussion.I don't mean to be rude or mean...and I hate making this kind of anouncements, but those were the rules passed onto me by the ladies that did this before me...Sorry if I offended you.Now that you made it through that not-so-nice comment, have a glass of Clos Apalta on me and show me those baby pics =)

Re: Siggy Challenge: Show Me!

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    I'm going to work on the new siggy challenge tomorrow. I have the pictures I just need to get them scanned into the computer so I can post them. Look for mine soon.
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