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My bridal meltdown moment...

FI's mom is doing my flowers and in July we made a trip up there so I could go over exactly what I was wanting. My bouquet is fine, I guess. But the BM bouquets and the mother bouquets look like greenery threw up on them. In July... [img][/img] Picture tonight... [img][/img] There is now more greenery than flower. And I had added some rhinestones into the BM bouquets to set them apart from the mothers and she's added rhinestones to the mothers'. I can live with that, but the greenery I can't get over. I HATE how the BM bouquets turned out. And I must have looked terribly upset when I opened the pictures because FI began calling his mother every 30 minutes until he got ahold of her. And he must have asked me at least 3 times if he could drive me up to Fargo so I could see them. That was very sweet of FI but it's a 13 hour drive each way and we'd have to stay at a hotel. I just can't justify the $$ we'd spend to spend 2 days on the road and spend the night up there for one. He's talked to her and said she agreed that there was probably too much green stuff. But I am sitting here typing this and crying just thinking about how terrible they look. I think the "wedding stress" has finally hit me. I'm torn between the wedding only lasts for 15 minutes and it's one day of my life and she's my MIL for the rest of our lives AND I'm the bride it's my day and I want my flowers to look like I imagined them. I think I'm going to go pour myself a glass of wine and if you've made it to here you deserve a glass too!

Re: My bridal meltdown moment...

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    Awww Julie!!! I'm not a fan of greenery in bouquets, so I can really relate to the stress. You've been handling everything so well, so don't beat yourself up for melting down. I'm the kind of person who can't move on until I've said my piece. If you're like that, tell your FMIL. And if she can do something about the sprigs of green she's added at the bottom, great. And if she can't, focus on your FI's eyes the day of and everything will be fine.xoxoxoxo*m*
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    I understand how you feel and it's hard mentioning it because you don't wanna hurt her, but if you don't say anything is gonna bug you forever, everytime you look at those pictures of your wedding day is gonna bug you. I suggest you (or your FI) send her some sample pictures of what you want. Explaining with words is a lot harder than having a visual reference. I'm sure if she sees what you want she will be able to easily replicate it.Good Luck!
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    Oh Julie, You are talking to the queen of the meltdown. Whenever things start to get stressy, and I start to lack sleep, people only need to look at me wrong and I burst into tears. You are handling this so so well, and it's only expected that it's going to catch up to you at some point. Take a deep breath, certainly enjoy some wine. I think your MIL would be happy to make them the way YOU want them, and I'm so in love with your Fi right now. You are a lucky girl to catch him!
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    i know EXACTLY how you feel Julie. Its so hard when things are so close and hey just aren't how you imagined in your head. I think that you do a great job of planning everything out and being about the least amount of a Bridezilla as possible. Hopefull she will beablke to understand what I thiunk you are doing a great job of communicating. Let us know how it all turns out...

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