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Might be a dumb? from an old knottie....

So, I could swear that I did my research and that the US accepted a Jamaican marriage license. I guess I understood wrong, bc when I went to the DPS to get my name changed on my license they said they only accept US marriage licenses. Now, I'm being told that I have to go to the court house and get married. Is this true?? Can they not just transfer your information from the Jamaican license to a US license?? I don't want a different date for when I got married, I want July 11, 2009!!! Am I stupid or should I have known that I needed to go and get married in a US court house first and if so then why did I pay $450 for an officiant in Jamaica?!?!!??!Please advise!! TIA!!!

Re: Might be a dumb? from an old knottie....

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    Your marriage is 100% legal in every single country that recognizes marriage licenses.  That includes the United States and Canada.  You DO NOT need to get remarried.  In fact, you need to tell her that by suggesting you do that she is telling you to break the law.  It is illegal to get married twice in the US!  I'd actually ask to speak with a manager if that gets brought up again.I'd suggest you go to the Social Security office first.  Get your new card and then go into the DMV with your Social Security card.  Then you can present the license with your SS card to give you extra backing.  Feel free to tell them they have no idea what they are talking about- your license is as acceptable as any.  It is a legally binding document, doesn't matter where it comes from.
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    I had a couple friends that got married in Jamaica and they had no problem making it legal back here. I know alot of places send you the official license a few months after the wedding, did you get that? If so, I'd recommend what the pp said--go to the SS first then go to back and hopefully someone else who is a little more knowledgable will know what the hell they're talking about! Sending tons of vibes, because I can imagine you're freaking out like I would be. GL!
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