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NWR: I am a food addict (LONG)

I think I may have mentioned previously on here that last year I lost 46 Pounds.  I went from 204 to 158 in seven months and was working out so I was an extremely fit and toned 158.  I should also mention I am 5'3".  I kept it off for a long time teetering with 5 or 10 pounds but staying ok.  Then the threat of a layoff came and for months I not only fell off the wagon but jumped off, rolled, and kept rolling.  I have steadily been getting lazier and lazier and putting more and more weight back on.  I weighed in today at 186.  I can't fit in any of my clothes and I feel miserable. I realized I think about food constantly.  I hit the fast food places and eat in secret..then feel ashamed and guilty.  I hide things from my fiance..and then feel guilty..I found the below and it fit me perfectly.  So they say knowing is half the that I know HOW do I get back to where I was and change my lazy self defeating mind set again??Thanks to all of you for reading this and getting through it!!  Food Addiction – Are You a Food Addict?Food addiction is a contemporary term used to describe a pathological disorder; the compulsive, excessive craving for and consumption of food. This condition is not only manifested by the abnormal intake of food, but the intake and craving for foods that are, in themselves, harmful to the individual. While society and the medical profession have readily understood alcoholism and drug abuse, it is only in recent years that there is an equal acceptance of the fact that persons may be addicted to food in the same way. When any substance is taken into the body regardless of its potential for harm or in excess of need, that substance is said to be abused. Individuals who abuse substances in such a way are addicts; these persons become physiologically and mentally dependent upon certain substances, in this case food. One need only ask themselves a few key questions to determine his or her addiction: Do you eat when you are not hungry or when you feel low or depressed? YES Do you eat in secret or eat differently in front of others than when you’re alone? YES Do you consume inordinate amounts of food and then purge later with vomiting or laxatives to get rid of the excess? No, but only because I can't make myself do it. Are there foods that are harmful to you, but you eat them anyway? YES Do you feel guilty after eating? YES If you can answer yes to any of these questions than you are likely addicted to food. Food Addiction – Causes and ManifestationsFood addiction, as with any other addiction, is a loss of control. The individual understands that their way of eating is harmful, but continues the destructive behavior. The phenomenon of food addiction is both physiological and psychological. Many individuals have what may be termed "food allergies." These are trigger foods which when ingested cause negative symptoms and changes in the body but at the same time provoke cravings. The individual, for instance, the diabetic, may be made "sick" by the intake of sugar, but will still continue to crave it and eat it in excess, with adverse effects. Studies are also continuing regarding certain proteins in milk and wheat which when ingested produce narcotic-like effects. These chemicals mimic the body’s natural painkillers, endorphins, and have thus been termed "exorphins." Individuals may be suffering from depression, low self-esteem or loneliness; they will find a high when ingesting large quantities of food or certain foods such as salt or chocolate. The immediate high gives way to a sick feeling or guilt, leading to more depression. Because the addict is out of control, he or she will turn once again to the same eating patterns in a conscious or unconscious effort to feel better. Food addicts come equally from all age, race, and gender groups. They are overweight, underweight, and some of normal weight. They are linked by their obsession with food. The obese individual suffers humiliation due to excess weight; they may be lethargic and sedentary unable to move around freely. The underweight person may be bulimic; though they eat obsessively, they are so afraid of becoming overweight that they will induce vomiting, take laxatives, or exercise compulsively to prevent weight gain. They may also alternate with periods of anorexia, refraining from food to control their weight. The person of normal weight while appearing normal may be obsessed with food, constantly thinking about what to eat or how much they weigh. The entire subject of food is a misery to them; they count calories compulsively, eating without enjoyment. Food Addiction – Is There Any Hope for Recovery?Food addiction is a serious condition with many adverse health consequences. Obesity, psychological disorders, diabetes, and gastric anomalies are just a few. The first step to recovery is, of course, the realization and acceptance of the problem. Medically, individuals must identify which foods -- the trigger foods -- cause allergic symptoms and cravings. There is no easy way to combat food addiction; it will require intense discipline in modifying eating patterns and lifestyle. A manageable exercise program should be embraced along with dietary changes that may be maintained. Ambitious attempts to change eating patterns abruptly or to lose weight quickly rarely have long-term success. The physiological and psychological dependency of food can best be broken when the individual recognizes that they are powerless to combat it alone.
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Re: NWR: I am a food addict (LONG)

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    I'm so sorry that you feel this way. I can't say that I understand the weight issue completely, but I can understand being a slave to something you can't control. I've had vicious migraines since I was 12. It runs in my family and up until the last few years there have been so many times that I laid in the bed for days on end with a pain that I can't get rid of. I guess it is similar that way. I agree with pp. Do you have therapy sessions that you could use to build a support system? I know that talking about something can make a world of difference. If not, keeping talking to us, you never know, YOU might be the one to help someone else on here????
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