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****Soon2bMrsNaylor**** (others welcome as well to comment)

- Your DW is about a month before mine and also on Oahu so I have looked at your site & blog for inspiration! Wanted to ask you about a couple of things - Who are you having do you TTD session? And when are you doing it? Same day, before or after? Who are you having do your hair & makeup? I saw your other post about Rev Mike Nelson, he is who we will be having. I asked our WC too if there was a sample wrote up of what was going to be said, and he said it changes from wedding to wedding so nothing is set in stone. But how would I go about asking for a change? Or not change? I don't have any specific things I want said or done, except to add the sand ceremony? Which he said was aok. And I have not spoken with Rev Mike as of yet, should I? What is your FI wearing with his suit? Just a tie & shirt? I thought about adding a vest & cordinating tie like what would usually be worn under a tux. . . what do you think? And what are his TTD clothes? thank you in advance for anyones input - just trying to organize a few things. I thought running away to get married would just be to show up and get married, but it really is so much more than that! But I am glad to be planning, because if it really was that easy I think I would have missed out, it's all part of the memories!

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    Our WC is also a photographer so she is doing our TTD shoot the day before the wedding. We were going to do it the day after, but on the suggestion of Samantha changed it to the day before b/c she said they were exhausted and not really into it the day after.I'm getting my hair and make-up done my May from Beauty by May. She was recommended by a few Hawaii knotties. She's been very helpful and her prices are the most reasonable I found. You can google her to find her website.I'm not sure why Mike Nelson thought I was being too picky. I just wanted to know what the ceremony was going to be like and wanted to add the engagement ring blessing. He seems like a nice guy he just didn't want my cramping his style I guess. If you don't want to add anything else to the ceremony then I wouldn't worry about talking to him. If there are changes you want to make shoot him an e-mail and ask.FI's suit (sorry I haven't posted pics yet) is a linen suit w/ a whit shirt underneath. He's not wearing a tie or vest b/c we wanted a more relaxed look. We thought about adding a color coordinating vest, but didn't find one the day we went shopping and didn't want to keep looking.His TTD clothes are a pair of linen pants and a linen shirt from Kohls. I'll try and post pics later this week and I'll let you know.HTH!
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    Thank you for your input!!
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