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'Aruba Weddings Ad"

Did anyone else see the Aruba weddings add that randomly pops up on the page? WTF is up with advertising Aruba weddings with a model who isn't even dressed like a bride?! She is wearing a yellow tunic?
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Re: 'Aruba Weddings Ad"

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    I've seen it too.  I was noticing the same thing.  They're advertising a wedding, but she's not in a wedding dress.... I just don't get it.
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    The same print ad has been running here in NY.  The woman pictured is a wedding coordinator, talking about weddings.  I think they are basically doing testamonial ads from people who make a living in the wedding world in Aruba...Sorry, work at an ad agency and I am majoring in marketing & communications - I'm an Advertising nerd!  The thing I don't get is how did Jack Black (I think that's his name) get tied into commercials for Aruba?!?
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