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Hey 2010 Jamaican bride! I just saw your ticker on a few posts and realized that we're both going to be Sandals Jamaican brides next spring. We were actually going to go with your same weekend in Ocho Rios until a few months ago when it didn't work out with our schedules. So now we're going May 6th. How are your wedding plans coming along? Are you having your family join you for your special day?

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    Hey there!May 6th? That will be right after my AHR on May 1st. We choose 4-16-10 because that was our anniversary of our 7th year dating. I figured he won't have to learn a new day. hahaha. Hopefully I can get back in enough time to send you some info like good, bad and ugly stuff that will help you out. The wedding plans are coming along good. All the major stuff has been done for awhile now except I'm still searching for a dress. I've started my diy projects and trying to drop another 15 or 20lbs before my bridal portrait. Yes, our families are coming to the wedding. Our headcount is 22. That includes the 2 photogs. Mainly it's family and close friends.How about you? What's your plans?
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