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Good Morning!

Good morning ladies! Happy Thursday! We are almost at Friday!!!! WOOOHOOOOO! I hope everyone has a great day!
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Re: Good Morning!

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    Hey you! Are you getting exited about you weekend? BTW...I'm sad we didn't GTG one more time before I leave :-(
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    Good morning ladies!  I got plenty to keep me busy today, work is going a little nuts right now.  It should be a good one, can't wait for the weekend!
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    Morning!  FI & I are going away this weekend so i'm trying to get all my work done so I can leave early tomorrow and I have a TON of stuff to do at home.  Ugh.  Meanwhile I sat down yesterday and did NOTHING last  Ahh..procrastination!
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    good morning! I'm recovering from a hangover this morning.... drowned my sorrows about the church in lots of wine last night - ugh. Off to the dermatologist this morning and then back to work. Blah.... hope everyone has a great day.
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    I'm so excited for this weekend my sister and bff are doing a great job at putting the b-party together.  THey are awesome and have really stepped up :-)I wish you could have come out this weekend, but enjoy your b-party.  I'm sure we will get together after we are both MARRIED!Plus I think I have Aaron talked into doing a trip to Denver sometime next year!
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    Happy Thursday! The weekend....I live for the weekends! :-)
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    Yay!! Just let me know when...I will love for you guys to visit me.
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    Good morning!!  Work is crazy today - big board meetings and a new business presentation in the same day! We're getting hit with our first Norester so we are going to have rainy, windy weather through the weekend.  The FI has a bit of the flu (even though he got a flu shot) so he's pretty cranky. I can't wait until the weekend finally gets here!!!
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