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engagement pics tipping???

Quick question for you guys-We hired a photog for our AHR... VERY basic pictures.... just wanted to capture everyone dressed up and celebrating with us. He's coming for 4 hours and just giving us all the pictures on a cd.The same guy just did an engagement session with us. Again, pretty low key... he does it as a hobby... but he is wonderful. Are you supposed to tip? We did, I just hope we tipped enough. He seemed really suprised that we did. We need to tip again for the AHR photos, right?!Any input is appreciated!

Re: engagement pics tipping???

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    Our photographer is the owner of her company, so we did not tip. I don't think it is necessary unless they are a paid employee of another company, or you want to give a little something extra.
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    I agree with pp. I would only tip if they were an employee of another company.
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    We did our e-pics last weekend and they were don't by a family member of FI's that does it on the side.  We did end up tipping her, but only because we didn't have the exact amount, otherwise, I don't think we would have.
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    I do some photography on the side and I definitely do not expect a tip. I've had a couple clients offer and I usually do not accept it.I just feel like, they are already paying me to take the pics, so it's really unnecessary for them to tip me on top of it.That's just my opinion though. I'm not sure if there is a standard etiquette on this....
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    A tip is given for great service, so if your photographer goes above and beyond, then yes - give him a tip.  It doesn't have to be much... just something to show your appreciation.  I strongly disagree with not tipping the owner of a business!  I have a home business and although it's not the type of thing you would ever consider tipping for, I know how hard you have to work to advertise, maintain equipment, stay up to date on the latest trends/topics/trainings, etc.  The work doesn't end once your AHR is over.  A good photog will go check the place out if he hasn't been there before.  He will be giving up his free time, family time, etc.  He has to pay to maintain equipment, advertise, etc.  If you think weddings are expensive, try advertising in trade magazines/websites!  People assume that $1,000 goes right into his pocket but it doesn't.  Advertising in a trade magazine can go for $5,000-$20,000 depending on what the field is.  Training classes are expensive as well.  A professional digital camera can run $3,000 or more, not counting the extra lenses or backdrops.  Just because you don't "see" all the money and work that goes into having your own business doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.  A good business owner will invest every cent he/she has into the business to build it up and upgrade everything, not just stuff the cash in his/her pocket and call it a day.The girl who is doing our cake for our AHR works for a bakery during the day and does cakes on the side.  Her prices are very reasonable and she could easily double or triple her prices because her cakes are PHENOMENAL!  I gave her a nice tip when she did dd's birthday cake.  Just in talking to her, she happened to mention that she's starting to look for her own bakery and take things to the next level.  She contacted The Knot about having a banner on this site - and told me she would have paid every cent of her profits for the past 2 years.  So I'm sure that $25 I gave her was much appreciated.
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