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Looking for jewelry?

Been a while since I've posted (we've postponed wedding planning until I finish school! Decided to go back!) :). But I wanted to give you ladies in the heads up that if you are looking for Jewelry I do sell Lia Sophia if you see something you want! The website below will take you to my website where you can browse through a wonderful selection (I suggest Pearlette!) Happy hunting for that perfect piece!

Re: Looking for jewelry?

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    Hey! It's good to "see" you around! I'm glad you decided to go back to school...good luck with everything!
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    lol. Yeah...I was quite addicted to this for a while...and then it turned into more of a tease since our wedding is sooo far off now, I had to back off the site a bit ;)VERY excited/nervous about school though! So hopefully it does all work out!
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