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Planners, organizers, list makers - come in

I know there are quite a few of us out there.  I have a huge binder with everything imaginable in it for planning.  I'm now attempting to take the most vital information and put it in a seperate binder for quick easy access.  For some reason I'm drawing a blank on what needs to be there and it's driving me crazy.  Are you making one?  And what are you putting in yours?  Thanks so much in advance.

Re: Planners, organizers, list makers - come in

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    To take with you?  If so, I'm taking:  Travel Documents  All emails to/from my WC, including photos of desired set-up  Must take pics  Contact info for travel agent, hotel and all vendorsThat's all I can think of.  
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    I'm bringing:copies of my emails w/ all of my vendorsflight/hotel/rental car itineraries & receiptsa list of stuff I have to do/buy when we get thereA list of details I have to go over with my WCMust-take photo listList of stuff I have to put into my emergency wedding bagI'm sure there's more because I'm neurotic but that's all I can think of right now....
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    Copies of all of our contracts - hotel reception, welcome dinner, photographer, flowers, etc. Also, a list of all of the rooms booked under our block, plus our tickets and travel stuff.
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    Emails, reciepts, contracts, addresses & phone numbers, my budget spreadsheet, must take pics list, travel documents...I think that's basically it.
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    I know I'm late on this one (as usual) but I got a Planner/Organizer from JC Penney just for registering there. Someone actually told me about it, so I signed up for their registry and got the planner.... it's a pretty neat little binder and the cover has a place for a 4x6 photo.... it has all the necessary tabs in it and all, so I'm thinking I'm going to transfer all my gazillion notes, etc. to that one binder and use that to take with me! :) HTH!
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