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I'm totally going to generalize right now - Ugh, Men!You know those studies that find that on average men who are married live longer and have better quality of life than men who aren't married??I totally understand why after this weekend.Yesterday we were at our house, doing reno's and hanging out. FI starts eating some cookies, and then says "I'm kind of hungry for some real food for dinner." Ok, so we leave to get dinner. He then tells me that when he said "real food" he was referring to the fact that he was hungry and was just going to eat cookies and pretzels for dinner. W. T. F. Then he tells me he hasn't gotten himself a new pair of sneakers in 2 years. 2 years! I'm sorry but that is way too long. I guess I wasn't paying attention or something, I was looking at them yesterday and they are soooo worn out, they offer him zero support anymore. I was like "No wonder your legs & back are killing you! You're basically walking around barefoot all day."I know he hates spending money - especially on himself - but this is really important. Which means that , of course, he is going to fight me on getting him new sneakers. Good grief.

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    I know what you mean! My FI had pancakes for breakfast, than had a piece of cake after lunch, then came home and decided he was hungry so we ordered a panzerotto. Then he had some candy for desert, and washed it all down with chocolate milk. I guess he's not planning on living past 40...
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    I hear ya!  I was at work yesterday afternoon.  FI had half a bag of potato chips for lunch, and he fed our 2 year old an eggo waffle.  Fabulous.  I have also been the one replacing his clothes, socks, shoes, etc for the past 5 years.  When I first met him, his gym shoes had HOLES in the sides... and this didn't bother him, even given that winters here are cold and snowy.  *sigh* 
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    I kind of just have to laugh about all of it! lol.I just told FI that I'm not going to let this one go, he has a certain amount of time to figure out what he wants to get, or I will just get it for him and he'll have to deal with it then. At least he knows I'm serious now, he seems to be taking it more seriously and said he is willing to go try some on tonight.
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    Oh geeze! I know exactly what you mean. FI won't buy himself a decent pair of pants. He goes to walmart and buys himself pants that don't fit him right! GEEZE Go to the Gap and buy a decent pair that actually fit!
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    Mmmm cookies and pretzels for dinner!  I make a point not to buy too many snacks to avoid such a scenario.Could you possibly trick him into going to the store with you and then lure him over to the sneakers section?  My fi was pretty bad about replacing things until I introduced him to TJ Maxx and was like "Look at all the money you're saving!"  He was so excited!
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    I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one that goes through this :)
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