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Help! Type A personality issues

I am an extremely type A personality and my fiance and I are doing a destination wedding. I thought that hiring a wedding planner would take care of any control issues I have, and unrealistically I thought that getting married on an island would be relaxing, but I am so stressed. I am extremely worried that things will not be the way that I would want them, and to make things more difficult the florists do not do mock-ups so I have no way of knowing what my bouquet or arrangements are going to look like. Any advice from brides who have gone through the same thing?

Re: Help! Type A personality issues

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    Hey girl,I've got type-a tendencies but I'm not a full-fledged controller, so I've never been in your situation. As for the florist, is it possible to see other customer's responses re: their satisfaction? If you know that other girls were satisfied/loved their flowers, that can help you trust that you too will love what you'll get.Otherwise, keep your eye on the prize: life with your FI!HTH*m*
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    First off take a deep breath! I am a control freak literally! I like to do everything myself fearing it won't be done right if I don't do it.  So have you thought about using artificial bouquets? You can buy them online at places like Angels Accents or if your ambitious buy the flowers and put them together yourself (this is what I am doing) The other thing you have to think about is if you tell your wedding planner what you want or send pictures to them they should be able to find and recreate whatever it is you want. Don't drive them nuts with calling or emailing them constantly, but maybe email once every week or every other week to make sure she knows exactly what it is your looking for... Where/ when are you getting married? What is your exact problems that are making you stress out? I don't know if what I said helped any but those are some things that have helped me out so far at least... GL
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