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Checking in from Barcelona!

Hello girls! Thanks for all the vibes! and Tracy thanks for the texts!I'm going to take advantage of the fact that we have free internet; and that Nick is sleeping to write this...heheheThis is how things went:We boarded on time in Denver, but were held up to get de-iced and we finally made it out 2 hours late. Well we got to JFK in record time but then we were on an air holding pattern and when we finally landed we got held up for like more than 20 minutes on the runway in order to get a gate...which happened to be super far from the gate to Barcelona.I checked the flight on my phone when we were taxi and I knew it was boarding when we were still stuck. When we finally got out of the plane...which was super quick thanks to a flight attendant that moved us to the first row so we could be the first ones out... Nick RAN super fast and in the meantime I talked to the desk girl at the gate and she called the gate of our Barcelona flight. She told me "Gate 5?, you are definitely not going to make it...I'm calling, but if I were you I would start running right now" So I did...I ran in my high heel wedges...I have blisters right now :-(By the time I got to the gate all sweaty and nasty Nick was waiting and they were waiting for us. The door of the plane was closed and the walkway was they moved us on the walkway and opened to door of the plane for us (and another couple that never made it). They held up the plane for 30 minutes for people were pissed! We got the dirtiest looks ever...oh well...but we made it! Safe and almost on time.The only downside is that I was so stressed I could not sleep at all. I'm going on 33 hours with no sleep, so I'm exhausted, but at least we got to do some touristy things today....Barcelona is beautiful! And I all my family made it safe and on time and they loved the OOT Bags =)Well...I better go to bed now. Have a great day! I miss you!

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