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LP Time :) - It's Long

Alright, so here it goes.  I know this is a day later than I had planned, and I am kind of doing this at the last minute, but I have always been a procrastinator.  Plus I have been planning my wedding for over 26 months, what is an extra day for my LP? Like others before me, I have decided not to name names.  First I am horrible with names, and I will forget someone, and I don’t want to.   So many people have posted on here and have become a part of my upcoming wedding. I joined TK in Feb. 08, so it doesn’t really surprise me now that as I write this, it still is not hitting me that it is actually my time.  I have been so lucky to see so many amazing women marry their best friends.  Thank you to all the Nesties and the Bumpies that have came before me.  My wedding will be even more memorable because of all of you.  I have been lucky enough to see many of your last posts, some BFP, first homes, and many other life changing events, sometimes not always happy ones. I learned this board is an amazing community when I first came.  I could not believe the friendships girls on here had created through their wedding process.  This was seen even more when this board came together after some couples/families experienced unexpected events.  I have never seen a board that would be willing so to help out someone they never seen IRL.  This makes me so proud to be part of this board.  Unfortunately, I have not always done a lot of posting on this board.  Sometimes I have found planning my DW hard, as I struggle with some personal issues that made me sometimes wonder if I really wanted a DW.  However, in the end, this made us both happy, and I get to marry my best friend, so what more could I ask for. Thank you to all of you for letting me come on here and vent, ask questions, ask for vibes, and just celebrate checks.  This has been an amazing place to learn about DW.  I know FI’s friend had one, but I didn’t want mine to be similar, and was afraid by asking them questions, it would be too much alike. When we started out, I was going to just send out some info on beachy paper.  Although I didn’t get to do MIB, I did do the boarding passes, and everyone loved them.  Without this place, I would never have learned about them, OOT bags, Vista Print, my hair style, will you marry my mum, and so many things that I can’t think of everything right now (again, I wanted to start this 2 days ago, but I am not always good at getting started on things). My squirrel lovers, I don’t know how I would have handle some things without you.  Thank you so much. To my November brides, I know that some of you are already married, or getting married soon.  Thank you for letting me know where in my to do list I should be, reminding me of things I needed to do.  We have waited for this month for a long time.  When I first came on here, there were few Nov, 09 brides, and I thought it was going to take forever to get here.  Now I am leaving to go to Toronto tomorrow, and to Jamaica on Saturday morning, and it honestly does not feel that it is my time.  I cannot believe it is here.  I swear just last week I still had over six weeks to go, where did time go?  I can’t wait to see you all on the flip side! To those getting married soon, time will go so fast that you won’t even believe it when it is your time to wear the crown.  It is insane how fast time goes.  Remember that this board is always here for you if you have any questions.  Enjoy being engaged, and try not to sweat the small stuff.  In the end you will be marrying your best friend, and all the small things won’t seem to matter. To all the new girls, welcome.  Honestly, this is the best board that I have ever stumbled across, and I have been doing the board thing for over 10 years now.  The group of girls on this board are amazing, they will be one of the most useful tools in your planning process. I don’t leave until tomorrow, so I will be lurking likely, but wanted to make sure I did say thank you to everyone.  I can’t believe on Wednesday I will be Mrs. S.  I can’t wait to be barefoot in the sand walking down the aisle to my best friend.  I will see you ladies on the 22nd!!
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Re: LP Time :) - It's Long

  • Wow, I can't believe your time has finally come! I am so excited for you guys and hope you have an amazing time. I can't wait to hear about everything when you return and see pics. Congrats!
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  • OMG Teresa! I'm so excited for you!! You will be a beautiful bride! Have a great time in Jamaica marrying your best friend, and bring back lots of pics. See you when you're a Mrs.!
  • Teresa, congratulations! Have an absolutely amazing time! See you on the flip side as a MRS!!! :)
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  • Teresa that was a fantastic LP! So sweet and heartfelt.Your wedding will be so so pretty and I can't wait to see the pictures. Have a truly amazing time and come back to us as a MRS!Congrats!!P.S. I still want to steal your adorable bunny.
  • Have a beautiful Wedding Teresa! Enjoy every second and I wish you both all the best :)
  • I hope you have a wonderful time. We will all be thinking of you. Congrats and many blessings.
  • Woohoo!!! I'm so happy for you! You've been such a wonderful addition to the board. I've really enjoyed getting to know you and planning together. I know your wedding is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see pics and hear about how fabulous everything was. Have a great time and we'll see you on the flip side =) Congratulations!!
  • Congrats Teresa!!! I can't wait to hear all about it... Have an amazing wedding :)
  • YAY!! Have a wonderful time on your wedding vacation!! Cant wait to hear all about your trip when you come back as his MRS!!
  • Teresa it's your time!! Have a fabulous wedding and a great time!!  Congrats on almost being a mrs!  Can't wait to hear about it on the 22nd!
  • Today is such an emotional day. I think Eric is starting to realize how much you really all mean to me. Teresa, you are such a sweetheart. This board will not be the same without you here. But I'm so glad your time is here. Have a wonderful trip and a beautiful wedding. See you on the flip.
  • Enjoy every single second of your wedding!! You're going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride and I can't wait to see and read all about it when you come back as a Mrs!!!
  • Wow, so many of you leaving this week it's making me very anxious for the day I leave :)  Have a safe trip and enjoy your big day.  Remember to stop and take it all in because being a second time bride, i know how the day flies by and before you know it, it's over.  Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics when you get back!!
  • Yay, enjoy your wedding!!!  It's time to relax and party now, the hard stuff is over!  See you back as a MRS!
  • Best Wishes Teresa!  I hope you have  a perfect day!  I can't wait to hear all about it.
  • Congrats Teresa! Have a wonderful time at your wedding. I can't wait to hear all about it, read your GBU and see tons of pictures!
  • Congratulations!  Wow, I can't even imagine being engaged as long as you were.  But your time is finally here!!  Yay!!!  Have a wonderful time!  I absolutely loved Jamaica and I'm sure you will too.  I can't wait to hear all about your day.  That was a beautiful LP.  See you on the flip side!!!
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  • Congrats!  Have a fab time.  See you on the Flip side.
  • Have a beautiful wedding day!
  • Yipeeee!!!!!! Have a great time, I can't wait to hear all about it. Enjoy every single second of the entire trip! See you on the FLIP SIDE!!!
  • Woo hoo!! I am so happy for you!!!  Now go get married and have a wonderful time.  We will see ya back here as a MRS!
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  • Teresa, lovey, you are going to make such a wonderful beautiful bride and wife.  Adam is so lucky.  Have a great wedding celebration and safe travels there and back.  xoxoxo!
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  • Teresa, I have no doubt that your wedding will be amazing!  Make sure to enjoy every second of it.  Congrats, travel safe, and I'll catch ya on the flip side!  *HUG*
  • Congrats, Teresa!  I'm glad your day has finally arrived!  Enjoy your day and trip with your new hubby.  I'm wishing you losts of gorgeous weather!  See you on the flip side!
  • Teresa, congrats!  I am so happy that it is finally your time!  Have a blast!
  • You are a sweetheart Teresa and have been a special part of this board!  We will all be thinking of you and sending vibes that you have gorgeous weather on your wedding day!  Wishing you a wonderful, fun trip.  Can't wait to see pics of you as a happy, beautiful bride :)
  • Congrats! I hope you have a fabulous time and a beautiful wedding. I can't wait to see your pics when you 'officially' join us on the flip side!
  • Woooo Hooooo!!! congrats on your LP - great one and such great advice! I hope your day is everything you planned and even more special! Can't wait to see pics and "see" you on the flip!!!
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  • Sorry I didn't get here earlier, but I can't wait to see the pics and hear about the wonderful wedding! And who is watching the bunny?!?!
  • I hope you have a beautiful wedding. Have a safe trip and we can't wait to see you on the flip side.
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