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Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Wedding Venue??

I am planning on having my wedding at the Mandalay Bay and I struggling between the two packages:

Tropical Sunset at the Beach or The Valley of the Falls

They both seem nice but was wondering if anyone had any feedback.

On another note, I have been trying to look for reviews for the reception packages offered at the Mandalay - THEpremier All Inclusive, but have not found anything...has anyone had a reception there before a in suite receptiion concerns me a little because I never been to one but I could be wrong...

Any info would be very much appreciated!!

Re: Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Wedding Venue??

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    I can't help with the package, but I wanted to say welcome to the board. Also, there is a local Las Vegas board that may be able to be of more assistance to you in regards to your venue.
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    Honestly, after looking at both packages I would go with the Tropical Sunset package because of the setup. While both are beautiful, the Valley of the Falls has some of the chairs in the archway-corridor which seems a bit odd. Also, since your wedding is in August, like mine, make sure you keep in mind that it's going to be HOT. This means if you have elderly or colder climate adusted people, they might not take the August desert heat so well and might prefer the premier all inclusive indoor and air conditioned package. Either way, have fun planning!

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