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Shower / Bach - Thoughts/Ideas?!

Ok, this is a 2 part post -

1 - Since I work weekends, I'm trying to incorporate a shower/bachelorette kind of deal into one weekend so I don't have to take 2 weekends off.  I could really care less if I don't have a bach, but my girls are basically telling me I don't have a choice.  I was thinking maybe just getting a place on the beach for the weekend... could we have the shower in the suite or at the hotel?!  Obviously, not everyone coming to the shower will be at the "bachelorette" all weekend, although they'd be welcome.  So, how could we do this?!!

2 - My FMIL lives in a different state.  She told me a while ago and she and my FSIL were definitely planning on coming.  Now, recently my other FSIL has also expressed interest.  I am absolutely pumped about this, but I truly hope they don't feel obligated.  They're doing so much for us already and traveling to the wedding.  So, I would love to have them choose a weekend that works best for their schedules, but if I ask them to pick one, isn't that kind of putting them on the spot??  It's just that everyone else coming lives here for the most part, so it doesn't matter to us.  But, I don't want them to feel obligated!  Ugh, I dunno... Thoughts on this?

Thanks for letting me ramble haha!

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