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Wedding Nightmare #2!

AGH.  Make them go away!  Luckily they aren't too frequent and I hope they stay this way!

Last nights was about my dress.  I have my second fitting this Thursday after taking off 3 inches in the hem and about two inches in the waist, and adding bones to the side, and lastly fixing the corset back since I've lost the weight.  Lots to be done!

Last night I dreamed that I went and put it on and she changed so much of it, I started crying saying I hate the dress and it was so boring and made my look frumpy.  She even took the little flowers that I have on the waist off because of all the taking in that had to be done.  I was DEVASTATED, but knew there wasn't enough time to get another dress in and get it fitted properly so I had to be stuck with this one.

UGH.  I don't like this because now I'm going to be thinking about it until Thursday night when I get to see it again!

Just had to share since I know FI won't understand, lol
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